Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Snazzy Remake...

The "Kushner" Chair...after -  I just love black and white...
An old chair was given to Cottage Chic (my shop) as a "do whatever you wish" project.  It sat in the shop for over a year with its drab floral cushions and uninspiring finish.  After painting it black to emphasize its lines, I had a brainstorm.  Over thirty years ago, I was an intern/volunteer at the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia when it was just getting started.  Artists were invited to create designs that were silk-screened (hand pulled) in limited editions.

The Chair "Before"
Robert Kushner was among the first artists invited, and I was able to keep some of the first proofs that were pulled.  I don't know what they were titled as I was unable to stay to see the project all the way through, but I found one of the images online at an auction house, so they are of some value!  I just know how great the image looks on this chair.  And it's really comfortable!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Side Table Makeover

This old side table held charm in its turned legs and beaded drawers, but layers of (yuck) beige-pink paint and missing bead trim made it shabby - not chic.  One drawer wouldn't close - but the worst problem was the broken table top split off at the back.

I removed the top and replaced it, and because I save everything, I had some old wood beading that had come off of another relic.  It was close enough in size and shape to please the client, and voila!  Here it is with a distressed black finish, satin topcoat.  The sticking drawer required only glue and an overnight clamp with minor sanding.